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    Here at The Laughing Pug we're committed to our customers, and we reward those who are committed to us.

    Here at The Laughing Pug we're committed to our customers, and we reward those who are committed to us.

    Besides, how hard is it to say "yes" to getting what we believe to be the greatest coffee in the world delivered to your door automatically, so you never run out?

    Signing up is dead simple and you save up to 5% on all your subscription items.

    Just select the amount of coffee you and your family drinks in a month on the product page, then select the option for "Click Here to See Our Subscription Options and Save up to 5%."

    Next click "Add to Cart" and place your order.



    It's that easy!  Your order is placed and will be shipped out shortly, plus an identical order be shipped every month to your door.

    By signing up to the subscription you agree to place at least 2 subscription orders so you qualify for the discount, but that's pretty easy considering you can pause and restart your subscription at any time.

    Need to make changes to your subscription order? No problem! Simply update the items in your subscription order to meet your family's needs whenever you want.

    Plus, it gets even better...

    After studious testing we firmly believe that coffee loses a tremendous amount of flavour and freshness after the first 3 months of packaging, no matter how it's stored.  With your subscription you can use that window of opportunity to order more coffee in bigger batches, getting what your family needs in 1, 2 or even 3 month allotments.

    This is key if you're looking to hit our $85 minimum order value and qualify for free shipping. 

    Yes, our free shipping offer applies to subscription orders too!

    Let's break this down...

    If you normally order $30 of coffee for the family every month, then you could set up your subscription to order $90 in coffee every 3 months, instead of $30 monthly.  That way you get all the coffee you and your family needs, your coffee stays fresh, and we're picking up the tab on your shipping fee.

    How great is that!

    You don't need to pre-register or pre-pay for your orders either.  Simply set the products you drink monthly to a subscription, decide if you want to take advantage of our free shipping offer (we recommend it) and you're all set!

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