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    What is the Aeropress?

    A device for making filter coffee where coffee is steeped in a tube and then forced through a filter with a plunger.

    Fun fact: 
    The Aerobie Aeropress was invented by the same man who invented the Frisbee!

    What’s the best coffee to use in an Aeropress? 
    Try our Organic Coffee Bean 

    The grind: 

    Medium – Fine

    How much coffee: 

    How long it should brew: 
    30 – 50 seconds to taste

    How to brew: 
    The instructions that come with the AeroPress are a little messy so we have simplified them. We prefer a technique called the “inverted” method because it’s easier, cleaner and allows more of the coffee oils, flavour and aroma to be expelled from the AeroPress. 
    Coffee for the Aeropress should be finely ground; therefore, the window for getting the right extraction is very small, about 30-50 seconds.

    1. Turn the Aeropress upside down and put the rubber part just below the number “4”.
    2. Measure approximately 14 grams of freshly ground coffee and put it into the Aeropress cylinder.
    3. Boil some water. If you’re using a kettle, open the lid for a minute to let the water cool slightly. It should be about 93-94 degrees.
    4. Pour the hot water into the Aeropress cylinder and start your timer.
    5. Meanwhile, soak the paper filter in the filter holder with hot water (this gets rid of any paper taste and other impurities).
    6. Stir the coffee for 5 seconds; preheat a mug with some hot water.
    7. After 35 seconds, screw the filter onto the Aeropress.
    8. Turn the Aeropress over onto the (now drained) mug and push the plunger, pressing consistently and steadily.
    9. Cleanup is easy: unscrew the filter, push the filter out into the bin, and rinse the Aeropress and you’re done. Enjoy your coffee!
    10. Why we like it: It’s quick and easy to clean, very portable (I take mine camping), and it makes an excellent clean cup of coffee with no grinds coming through into your mug.
    11. Special Note – Although it says it can make espresso, do not be fooled. It is not espresso as you and I know it, it uses similar principles but that is all. It can however, make a very strong filter which you can dilute with hot water for a similar end product. Follow the above instructions but dose the coffee at 18g and only fill the aeropress 3/4 full with water. Once poured dilute (1 part coffee to 2 parts hot water)

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